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A revolutionary design like nothing else in the industry. The patented Straight Edge Joint cinches fixtures together, leaving no space for light leaks and forming straight lines in the process. The system has two connection points that can be adjusted to perfection for every unique installation.

Redesigned FINA
Elegant, floating discs of light designed to enhance the contemporary interiors of today’s architectural spaces. Re-designed, circular LED boards make for a more fitting form factor and even illumination.

Redesigned LiFT
LiFT’s clean lines and harmonious proportions are best displayed in patterns. Now available in 3 different positions. Low power density and a shallow housing profile make LiFT versatile and efficient.

Available with BIOS Technology
Circadian solutions from Pinnacle and BIOS technology are designed to improve health and well-being of building occupants.

Get Pinnacle's top selling products in 10 days. Our quick ship program delivers affordable, high quality products with short lead-times.

Made In The USA
For more than 12 years, Pinnacle has committed to fostering and growing the U.S. manufacturing industry by choosing to integrate U.S. components into our products.

Zero light leaks, straight runs, integrated lensing options, and standard connectors give designers unprecedented freedom with standard product.